These ten enduring animals will outlive us all.

The albatross has a wingspan of up to 3.5 meters, and a lifespan averaging 40 years. In 2018, a 67-year-old albatross named ‘Wisdom’ hatched what is believed to be her 36th chick.

Pronounced ‘gooey-duck’, the geoduck is salt water clam that can live for 160 years. Their long siphons can grow to *one meter* in length.

Red Sea Urchin:
While most red sea urchins live for 30 years, some have been found to survive for over 200 years. Their gonads are a sushi delicacy called uni.

A domesticated variety of the common carp, the koi’s average lifespan is 30 years. But some live much longer. One famous koi in Japan reached the age of 226.

Bowhead Whale:
The second largest mammal on the planet, the bowhead whale lives for an average of 200 years. It’s believed that the cold Arctic water helps to slow their body’s aging process.

Giant Tortoise:
The longest living vertebrate on Earth, the giant tortoise has an average age of about 100 years. An Aldabra giant tortoise who died in 2006 reached the age of 250.

Greenland Shark:
The Greenland shark lives for 300-500 years. It has the longest known lifespan of all vertebrate species.

Ocean Quahog:
The ocean quahog’s lifespan was thought to be 225 years. This specimen was confirmed to be 507-years-old. It’s unknown how long it could have lived had it not been harvested.

Monorhaphis chuni, a species of sponge that lives 300 metres underwater, lives for 11,000 years. Other immobile marine creatures like red coral can live for 500 years.

Immortal Jellyfish:
The turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish is the planet’s only known immortal species. Once it reproduces, it reverts back to a polyp stage and lives its life over and over again.


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