20 Good News Stories You Didn’t Hear About

Today, the most attractive, charming, sexy and compelling news outlets enjoy unparalleled influence over the minds of tens of millions of people. At the same time, there are lots of good things happening in the world.

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Good News Headlines from INSH

There are earnest good people attempting to change things. Stories like people cleaning up our environment, and endangered animals making a resurgence. These stories don’t usually make the headlines.

So the good news goes nowhere and the not-so-great stories mesmerize us from every screen. So here are 20 good news stories in an attempt to change just that.

20. Say Goodbye to 40% of ocean plastics

Image: Ocean Clean Up Project

Five trillion pieces of plastic are in the ocean right now, gravitating toward one of five major garbage patches.

The Ocean Cleanup Project hopes to remove 40% of that plastic over ten years by emulating a coastline. It has operated autonomously since launching, and runs on power generated from ocean currents. Thirty years from now, ocean plastics may become a footnote in history.

Source: The Ocean Cleanup


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