10 Amazing Animal Births

Nature’s creatures have developed some bizarrely interesting ways to bring their offspring into the world.

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As humans, we may have at some point in time have been asked or at the very least overheard the question, “Were you dropped on your head as a child?”

It’s not exactly a complimentary inquiry, we know. When it comes to how some of Mother Nature’s wild newborns are treated during childbirth compared to how humans like to do things, it wouldn’t be uncommon to hear a lot of “Yes” responses (if animals could talk, that is).

Take for example the birthing process for a giraffe. We know giraffes are not a small animal, and females can reach heights pushing 16 feet (almost 5 meters).

It’s one of the reasons when, after a gestation period of upwards of 15 months, a baby giraffe gets welcomed into the world by being unceremoniously dropped 5 feet (1.5 meters) onto its noggin. It’s the cruel price to be paid for having long legs that allow a giraffe to reach speeds of almost 40mph (64km/h) as an adult. These 10 Animal Births Prove Life Is a Miracle Despite the head drop, a giraffe calf is on its feet within minutes, and the circle of life continues.

1. The Hedgehog

When a baby hedgehog (called either a hoglet or piglet) enters the world, it’s a tiny, blind ball of spikes waiting to be unleashed.


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