Beautiful Photos of Deep Sea Coral

These amazing pieces of coral live deep, deep, under the sea.

This peach-colored octoral with delicate white polyps was found in the Gulf of Mexico.

This skimpy red paragorgia coral with a small white feather star crinoid is seen near black volcanic rock, along with translucent clear octocorals. These coral were found in the Caribbean Sea.

This Paragorgia sp. deep sea coral is pretty in pink.

A stalked octocoral, found in the Gulf of Mexico.

Squat lobsters, like this one, are just one of many creatures who use deep sea coral as their home.

The scientific name for a squat lobster is eumunida picta.

This Lophelia coral is found on the bow of a ship.

A worm is escaping from this lophelia pertusa bush, in the North Atlantic.

A lophelia is known as a stony coral.

This Bubblegum coral (Paragorgia arborea) was found at 1257 meters water depth at the Davidson Seamount in California.

This bubblegum coral is grown next to a large sponge.


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